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Talar Tokatlian was a recipient of a 2016 Scripps CHAVI-ID Young Investigator Award at the annual All-Investigators Retreat in La Jolla, CA!

2016 Young Investigator Award Recipients

Left to Right: Darrell Irvine, Talar Tokatlian, Tyson Moyer

Left to right: Darrell Irvine, Talar Tokatlian, Tyson Moyer

Kelly Moynihan's research was featured on the MIT website front page! (and also published in Nature Medicine!)

Fighting cancer with the power of immunity: New treatment elicits two-pronged immune response that destroys tumors in mice

Anasuya Mandal's research profile was featured on the MIT website front page!

Benefiting human health through engineering

Grand Prize winner at MIT Polymer Day 2016

Congratulations to Anasuya Mandal for being awarded the Grand Prize at MIT Polymer Day 2016 for her poster "Microneedle-Based Immune Monitoring Platform Samples Cells and Interstitial Fluid from Tissue in Situ"

Microfluidic cell-squeezing device opens new possibilities for cell-based vaccines

Dr. Szeto and 6 Irvine Lab undergraduate trainees used a novel microfluidic device developed at MIT (Armon Sharei, Langer/Jensen Labs) as a protein loading platform for B cells. Read more. 

Annual Koch Institute Image Award 2015

Congratulations to Sudha Kumari and Yiran Zheng on winning the 2015 Annual KI image award for their image "License to kill: Empowering the immune system to fight cancer".

Congratulations to Gregtory Szeto and Adelaide Tovar on winning the 2015 Annual KI image award for their image "Easy breezy: Particles prop open therapeutic windows".

Dr. Peter DeMuth Won the Quadrant Award 2015

Congratulations to Dr. Peter DeMuth on winning the first prize of international Quadrant Award on January 30, 2015.

BMES Annual Meeting 2014

Congratulations to Anasuya Mandal on receiving the Reviewer Choice Award for her poster at the Biomedical Engineering Society 2014 meeting in the Biomaterials track.

Building Bridges for Award-winning Melanoma Research

Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, May 28, 2014
A team led by KI faculty member Darrell Irvine, along with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute investigators Kai Wucherpfennig and Michael Goldberg, received the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) Team Science Award to optimize T cell-targeting nanoparticles for improved melanoma treatment. The Team Science Award Program is the centerpiece of the MRA research funding portfolio and aims to promote collaborative, interdisciplinary, transformational melanoma research advances with the potential for rapid clinical translation. As such, it is no surprise that this team came together through the Bridge Project, a collaboration between the Koch Institute and Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center designed to unite bioengineering, advanced cancer science, and clinical oncology to solve challenging problems in cancer research and care. The team's project was among the ten finalists in this year’s round of Bridge Project funding, and speaks to the power of the Bridge Project to establish new connections between unmet clinical needs and innovative technological solutions. Congratulations!

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