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Parisa and Sasan are awarded postdoctoral fellowships!

2022 Ludwig Postdoctoral Fellows

Parisa and Sasan have been selected as the 2022 Ludwig Postdoctoral Fellows, and Parisa has additionally been awarded the NIH F32 fellowship. Congratulations Parisa and Sasan!

Irvine lab work targeted cancer immunotherapy eliminates tumors in mice, with minimal side effects

2022 MIT New_Yash
News Highlight

MIT News reported on work led by graduate student, Yash Agarwal, that was recently published in Nature Biomedical Engineering. Congratulations, Yash!

Coralie wins the Peter Karches Mentorship Prize at the 2021 KI Retreat!

2021 KI Retreat Mentorship Award2021 Peter Karches Mentorship Prize
The Koch Institute (KI) Fall Retreat is an annual event comprised of great scientific talks, poster presentations, and social activities, and is one of the major community-building experiences for KI members to learn about what's going on at the KI and mix and mingle with faculty, researchers and trainees in a casual yet energizing environment.

Sachin wins NCI Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Fellow Transition (F99/K00) Award!

Sachin F99
News Highlight

Sachin won the National Cancer Institute Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Fellow Transition (F99/K00) Award. He is the first student at MIT to receive the award!

Heikyung celebrates 30 years of service with Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)!

Heikyung HHMI 30y
This year marks the 30th anniversary of Heikyung's amazing services with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. We are very grateful to have had her wonderful presence in our lab for even just a small part of her long tenure!

Darrell receives ASPIRE Award from the Mark Foundation!


Vaccines are turning the tide of the COVID-19 pandemic, but their potential goes far beyond infectious disease. Darrell has received an ASPIRE award to develop a new type of vaccine to help anti-cancer immunotherapy.

Irvine Lab's lymph nodes receive the 2020 Koch Institute Image Award!

A Vax Seen
"A Vax Seen"

Jake and Ben's image of over 1,200 lymph nodes titled, "A Vax Seen: Scanning Lymph Nodes for Signs of Antigen" won the 2020 KI Image Award. Back in 2018, the Irvine lab won the same award with a single lymph node. How high the bar has risen!

Sudha Kumari's work gets published on the cover of the EMBO Journal!

2019 KI Retreat Mentorship AwardCover of EMBO
Sudha's latest work on the underlying mechanism behind T-cell synapse symmetry was selected as a cover of the EMBO Journal.

Angela Zhang wins the Peter Karches Mentorship Prize at the 2019 KI Retreat!

2019 KI Retreat Mentorship Award2019 Peter Karches Mentorship Prize
The Koch Institute (KI) Fall Retreat is an annual event comprised of great scientific talks, poster presentations, and social activities, and is one of the major community-building experiences for KI members to learn about what's going on at the KI and mix and mingle with faculty, researchers and trainees in a casual yet energizing environment.

Lauren Milling selected as a Class of 2020 Siebel Scholar!

Convergence Scholars Program AnnouncementClass of 2020 Siebel Scholars
The Siebel Scholars Foundation today announced the recipients of the 2020 Siebel Scholars award. Now in its 19th year, the Siebel Scholars program annually recognizes nearly 100 exceptional students from the world’s leading graduate schools of business, computer science, energy science and bioengineering.

Angela Zhang wins the UROP Outstanding Mentor Award!

Convergence Scholars Program AnnouncementUROP Outstanding Mentor Award Winners
Each spring, the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) invites its students to nominate research mentors who have demonstrated exceptional guidance and teaching in a research setting. In addition to faculty, nominees may include instructors, lecturers, graduate students and other research affiliates, who provided UROP supervision anytime between the summer and spring of the given academic year.

Irvine lab's lymph node receives the 2018 Koch Institute Image Award

Convergence Scholars Program Announcement2018 Koch Institute Image Award
Featured on Nature (photo credit to Jason Y.H. Chang and Tyson Moyer)- Bedazzled. This might look like a mutant, double-lobed disco ball, but it’s actually a microscope snapshot inside a lymph node. Researchers have designed nanoparticle vaccines (blue) to target immune cells called dendritic cells (orange) and jump-start a coordinated immune response against infection. The picture was a winner in the science-image awards hosted by the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge.

Mark Miller wins the Infinite Mile Award!

Convergence Scholars Program Announcement2018 Infinite Mile Award Winners

Jason Chang selected as a 2018 Misrock Fellow!

Convergence Scholars Program Announcement2018 Misrock Fellows
Since 2010, Misrock Fellows at Koch Institute have made promising advances in nanotechnology-based cancer research. The foundation's support has enabled dedicated young scientists to push forward the frontiers of cancer research through new methods of drug delivery systems, therapeutics, and new technologies. At the same time the foundation's assistance advances innovative research, it also propels the career development of its fellows. The Misrock Fellowships thus form a bright example of cutting-edge cancer research at MIT.

Jake Martin was selected for the inaugural class of the new Convergence Scholars Program!

Convergence Scholars Program AnnouncementAnnouncing the first class of Convergence Scholars
The Convergence Scholars Program (CSP) aims at cultivating in postdoctoral trainees an integrative vision of science and technology. CSP will provide postdoctoral trainees with opportunities to further their experiences and skills beyond the research laboratory space. The inaugural class of Convergence Scholars represents the six Marble Center research groups within the Koch Institute.

Kelly Moynihan was a member of the winning team in the Merck KGaA Biopharma Innovation Cup 2017!

The winning team “Immuno-Oncology” received €20,000 for its innovative idea around the role of Natural Killer (NK) cells in cancer immunology.
Biopharma Innovation Cup 2017

Mariane Melo was awarded a 2017 MIT Infinite Mile Award!

Infinite Mile Awards

Kelly Moynihan was an honoree at the 2017 celebration of Graduate Women of Excellence!

Celebration of graduate women 2017

Talar Tokatlian was a recipient of a 2016 Scripps CHAVI-ID Young Investigator Award at the annual All-Investigators Retreat in La Jolla, CA!

2016 Young Investigator Award Recipients

Left to Right: Darrell Irvine, Talar Tokatlian, Tyson Moyer

Left to right: Darrell Irvine, Talar Tokatlian, Tyson Moyer

Kelly Moynihan's research was featured on the MIT website front page! (and also published in Nature Medicine!)

Fighting cancer with the power of immunity: New treatment elicits two-pronged immune response that destroys tumors in mice

Anasuya Mandal's research profile was featured on the MIT website front page!

Benefiting human health through engineering

Grand Prize winner at MIT Polymer Day 2016

Congratulations to Anasuya Mandal for being awarded the Grand Prize at MIT Polymer Day 2016 for her poster "Microneedle-Based Immune Monitoring Platform Samples Cells and Interstitial Fluid from Tissue in Situ"

Dr. Szeto and 6 Irvine Lab undergraduate trainees used a novel microfluidic device developed at MIT (Armon Sharei, Langer/Jensen Labs) as a protein loading platform for B cells.

Microfluidic cell-squeezing device opens new possibilities for cell-based vaccines

Read more.

Annual Koch Institute Image Award 2015

Congratulations to Sudha Kumari and Yiran Zheng on winning the 2015 Annual KI image award for their image "License to kill: Empowering the immune system to fight cancer".

Congratulations to Gregtory Szeto and Adelaide Tovar on winning the 2015 Annual KI image award for their image "Easy breezy: Particles prop open therapeutic windows".

Dr. Peter DeMuth Won the Quadrant Award 2015

Congratulations to Dr. Peter DeMuth on winning the first prize of international Quadrant Award on January 30, 2015.

BMES Annual Meeting 2014

Congratulations to Anasuya Mandal on receiving the Reviewer Choice Award for her poster at the Biomedical Engineering Society 2014 meeting in the Biomaterials track.

Building Bridges for Award-winning Melanoma Research

Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, May 28, 2014
A team led by KI faculty member Darrell Irvine, along with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute investigators Kai Wucherpfennig and Michael Goldberg, received the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) Team Science Award to optimize T cell-targeting nanoparticles for improved melanoma treatment. The Team Science Award Program is the centerpiece of the MRA research funding portfolio and aims to promote collaborative, interdisciplinary, transformational melanoma research advances with the potential for rapid clinical translation. As such, it is no surprise that this team came together through the Bridge Project, a collaboration between the Koch Institute and Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center designed to unite bioengineering, advanced cancer science, and clinical oncology to solve challenging problems in cancer research and care. The team's project was among the ten finalists in this year’s round of Bridge Project funding, and speaks to the power of the Bridge Project to establish new connections between unmet clinical needs and innovative technological solutions. Congratulations!

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